Government's Affidavits

Dr Ian Town

Dr Town is the Chief Science Advisor at the Ministry of Health and Chairs the COVID-19 Technical Advisory Group and the COVID-19 Vaccine Technical Advisory Group (CV-TAG) at the Ministry of Health.

Dr Town is a physician by training, graduating from Otago Medical School in 1981 and since 2013 has been in the area of governance, continuing to draw on my scientific expertise. 

Dr Town has produced two affidavits in the Kids’ Case:

First Affidavit
Second Affidavit

Dr Paul Tomlinson

Dr Tomlinson is a medical practitioner, registered in paediatrics and is the current chair of the Medicines Assessment and Advisory Committee.

Dr Tomlinson has provided one affidavit in the Kids’ Case in June of 2022.


Dr Peter McIntyre

Dr McIntyre is a Paediatrician (FRACP) and Public Health Physician (FAFPHM) and is a Professor in Paediatrics at the University of Otago (Department of Women's and Children's Health) and the University of Sydney (Discipline of Child and Adolescent Health).

He has predominantly worked in immunisation for 25 years - since 1997 and was Director of the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases (NCIRS) in Australia from 2004, together with membership of the Communicable Diseases Network of Australia and the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation, before moving to New Zealand at the end of 2017. 

Dr McIntyre provided one affidavit in the Kids’ Case.


Ms Iona Holsted

Ms Holsted is the Secretary for Education and Chief Executive of the Ministry of Education. 

Ms Holsetd’s evidence was filed in respect to the significant and real concerns that the paediatric vaccine will either quasi-mandated or be accompanied by restrictions on access to education premises and services to unvaccinated children or parents.

Ms Holsetd provided one affidavit in the Kids’ Case.


Dr Ashley Bloomfield

At the relevant time, Dr Bloomfield was the Director-General of Health and Chief Executive of the Ministry of Health. 

Dr Bloomfield held a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Auckland, specialising in public health medicine, gaining a Master of Public Health from the University of Auckland in 1997. 

Dr Bloomfield has given two affidavits in the Kids’ Case:

First Affidavit and exhibits
Second Affidavit 

Mr Christoper James

Christopher James, is the Group Manager of Medsafe, a business unit of the Ministry of Health that is responsible for administering most aspects of the Medicines Act 1981. 

Mr James’ role is the second respondent in the Kids’ Case.

Medsafe's purpose and function is to regulate medicines to maximise safety and benefit.

Amongst his qualifications, Mr James has a Bachelor of Pharmacy graduating University of Otago in 1996. 

As Group Manager of Medsafe, Mr James holds a number of Ministerial delegations, such as granting consent for new and changed medicines; approval of clinical trials; and making decisions following recommendations of a number of independent expert advisory committees such as the medicines classification committee, medicines adverse reactions committee, and the medicines assessment advisory committee. 

Mr James has provided two affidavits in the Kids’ Case:

First Affidavit and exhibits