Respondents submissions

Dr Ashley Bloomfield

At the relevant time, Dr Bloomfield was the Director-General of Health and Chief Executive of the Ministry of Health. 

Dr Bloomfield held a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Auckland, specialising in public health medicine, gaining a Master of Public Health from the University of Auckland in 1997. 

Dr Bloomfield has given two affidavits in the Kids’ Case:

First Affidavit and exhibits
Second Affidavit 

Mr Christoper James

Christopher James, is the Group Manager of Medsafe, a business unit of the Ministry of Health that is responsible for administering most aspects of the Medicines Act 1981. 

Mr James’ role is the second respondent in the Kids’ Case.

Medsafe's purpose and function is to regulate medicines to maximise safety and benefit.

Amongst his qualifications, Mr James has a Bachelor of Pharmacy graduating University of Otago in 1996. 

As Group Manager of Medsafe, Mr James holds a number of Ministerial delegations, such as granting consent for new and changed medicines; approval of clinical trials; and making decisions following recommendations of a number of independent expert advisory committees such as the medicines classification committee, medicines adverse reactions committee, and the medicines assessment advisory committee. 

Mr James has provided two affidavits in the Kids’ Case:

First Affidavit and exhibits