The fight to protect our children continues

Apr 29, 2022

The BFD covering what the mainstream media seem to be ignoring.

"Legal action requesting a judicial review of the government’s decision to approve and roll out the Pfizer vaccine for children aged 5-11, is still active in the Wellington High Court.

Filed in January 2022 by eight concerned parents and The ‘Hood, the initial application for an urgent halt to the roll-out of the vaccine (filed alongside the judicial review) was denied by Judge Catherine Elis but The ‘Hood spokeswomen Ms Sereca Friend and Mrs Nicola Culver say the legal fight continues.

“There has been public confusion over the January ruling, whereby many thought the case funded by The ‘Hood was over – that the evidence had been heard, reviewed and decided upon – and had failed to stop the Pfizer roll-out for ages 5-11 years. This is not the case. The second step in this application is a substantive case, which will be heard in the High Court in Wellington on June 27 and 28. In it, expert evidence will be argued by the applicants and the crown......."

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