If anyone backs vaccine for children, tell them to read this compelling scientific rebuttal

Mike and Stephie
Dec 14, 2021

THIS week we’ve been making a concerted plea to parents and all adults to resist or counter any suggestion by the Government or schools or any other institutions that children need to be, or should be, vaccinated for Covid.

On Monday we published a tour de force by Belinda Brown, a researcher, writer and mother, concerned that mothers and families were in ignorance of the facts. She set out the key reasons why child vaccination should not even be mooted.

Yesterday we featured a film made by doctors who are mothers, explaining why they, with their medical knowledge, would not let their own children be vaccinated.

Today I want to share with you a report entitled Covid-19 Vaccines and Children: A Scientist’s Guide for Parents. It is authored by Dr Byram Bridle of the Canadian Covid Care Alliance – a group of doctors, scientists and health practitioners committed to providing independent, evidence-based information about Covid.

Dr Bridle’s paper consists of more than 40 pages with appendices and it is worth reading thoroughly.

He starts with the key point that ‘authorisation under interim order’ – the basis on which the vaccines have been rushed out – means that ‘additional information is needed on the safety, efficacy, and quality of the vaccine, including in children and adolescents, to support the future full market approval and licensing of the vaccine’.

This in itself really should be sufficient to dissuade any moral and rational adult from dreaming of imposing a vaccine on a child for an infection from which they are at no risk or negligible risk.

Dr Bridle goes on to explain that key safety studies appear to have been missed in the clamour to roll out the vaccines and that, as reported in TCW by Neville Hodgkinson, more is being learned about the vaccines every day.

The most important aspect of this is that the spike protein generated by the vaccine is not just an antigen that is recognised by the immune system as being foreign. In addition, it ‘can interact with receptors throughout the body, called ACE2 receptors, potentially causing undesirable effects such as damage to the heart and cardiovascular system, blood clots, bleeding, and neurological effects’.

Dr Bridle concludes that ‘the current scientific uncertainties demand that the administration of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine to children, adolescents, and young adults of child-bearing age be paused until proper scientific studies that focus on the safety and pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of the vaccines and the vaccine encoded spike protein can be conducted’.

He explains furthermore that there is no safety issue with this course of action, because:

  • The risk of severe and potentially lethal Covid-19 in these specific populations is so low that we need to be very certain that risks associated with mass vaccination are not higher.
  • Asymptomatic members of this population are not a substantial risk for passing Covid-19 to others.
  • There are effective early-treatment strategies for the very few children, adolescents, and young adults of childbearing age who may be at risk of developing severe Covid-19, such as ivermectin, fluvoxamine, and budesonide.

This is the most authoritative ‘science’ guide I have found. It is what I forward to people who say they trust the Government and who think scientists are agreed.

This is the document I forward to friends and relations who question young adults for refusing vaccination or add to the pressure on them to do so. Since they make this their business, I make it mine to send them this fully referenced piece of dispassionate scientific analysis!

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