Podcast with Miss Lilly - aired June 9 2022

Jun 18, 2022

The ‘Hoods team, Sereca, Nicola and Katie speak with Radio host and pod caster Miss Lilly. A fantastic in-depth honest chat about what the kids court case is about, and why these women are so passionate about it.

Listen to her Podcast HERE

A note from Lilly on her incredible interview with the team at The ‘Hood.

“The first half was aired 9th June on Plains Fm, Canterbury - Priestess Lilly And I dropped the full recording, for people to hear what was cut out, to open people's eyes.

The comments on the full recording, has left many people asking more questions, and feeling that not everything we have been told has been transparent. Many people hadn't heard of The Hood and now are following you, and waiting to hear the outcome of your court case. I know that the Mothers in my group space had so much gratitude for the work The hood is doing and bringing to light the truth.

Many people that listened have shared with other peers, I was at the lawyers yesterday and it was going round the office space/ And those that havent been as awake had than have gone and googled your experts and had their eyes opened.

My beautiful friend who works for the DHB said to me Lilly your podcast is causing people to ask question........Where do i find it xx

All we can keep holding on to is the truth and the light will prevail!!!! And bring all this to light,

I wish you all the best for your court case, and know that totally your got this!”

Lilly can be found on Spotify as her podcast, Priestess Lilly or on her talk show on Plains fm 96.9 Canterbury

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